Private Lessons

Private lessons are a good form of learning for those who wish to progress quickly or just want a re-assessment of their ability. More than one person can take part in a private lesson, we just ask that all participants are at the same skill level. Shorter 30 minutes sessions are available for Tots skiers. There is a minimum age limit of 3 years for Tots Private ski lessons.
Choose your level
TASTER - An Introduction to Skiing
Become familiar with the ski equipment: Learn how to walk and slide on a flat surface.
Progression to walking and sliding down a slope: Able to side step up our teaching slope and slide back down.

Awareness of the Ski code: Learn the basics behind the ski code.

Level 2 - Developing Snowplough
Snowplough glide: Be able to glide down the slope slowly using a Snowplough to control their speed.
Snowplough brake: Be able to stop halfway down the slope using the Snowplough.

Level 3 - Introduction to turning
Snowplough turning exercises: Be able to do small direction changes on the way down the slope staying in the Snowplough.
Snowplough turn in and out of the fall line: Be able to do controlled turns in both directions maintain control using a Snowplough.

Use of lift: Be able to use drag lift unaided.

Level 4 - Linking Snowplough Turns
Linked snowplough turns: Be able to do linked S-shaped turns down the slope using the turn and Snowplough to control speed.
Linked plough turns – varied radius & control of speed: Be able to control plough turns and change them based on the terrain steepness, whilst maintaining there speed.

Level 5 - Plough Swings to Plough Parallel
Basic plough parallel: Ploughing around the corner and matching skis after the fall-line.
Plough parallel: Progressively matching skis earlier in the fall-line.

Level 6 - Learning to Parallel Turn
Basic parallel turn: Be able to perform controlled S-shaped turns down the slope with lots of skid keeping the skis parallel throughout the turn.
Parallel turns – long radius: Be able to do wide controlled parallel turns using the entire slope, whilst still maintaining control of speed.

Level 7 - Improving your technique
Parallel turns – short radius: Be able to perform parallel turns down a narrow run whilst still maintaining control.
Carving: Be able to hold a carving motion down the slope by using the edge of the skis.