Adult & Junior Snowboarding Lessons

If you've just booked your first Snowboard Holiday, or simply want to give Snowboarding a go, start off with our 1 hour introductory Snowboard Taster Lessons. And then if you wish to develop your skills even further our 1 1/2 hour Group Lessons will get you sliding down the mountain in no time! Our structured group lessons enable you to progress through our skill level system with other participants of the same ability. There is a maximum of 8 pupils on each group lesson (A-F).As everyone progresses at a different pace, it is possible a certain lesson may need to be repeated.
Choose your level
TASTER - An Introduction to Snowboarding
Snowboard and safety check – intro to equipment: Know the parts of the kit and how to put it on and off.

Basic snowboard stance: Proper posture on board, knees bent out, straight back and arms at your side.

Walking and turning on the flat: Be able to move around flat areas with your board.

Ascend the slope and turning on the slope: Be able to walk up a small hill and turn with one foot strapped in.

Straight run: Be able to slide down small slope in a straight line maintaining good posture.

Awareness of ski way code: Understand the safety rules of the slope.

Level B - Learning to control your speed
Side slipping – toe and heel: Be able to slide down the hill at slow speed whilst balanced on heel or toe edge of board using the edge to control speed.

Diagonal side slip – toe and heel: Be able to slide diagonally across slope in both directions on both toe or heel edge.

Level C - Learning to control direction and use of lift
Falling leaf – toe and heel: Be able to turn your board from a side slip to a steep angle and back again.

Garlands – toe and heel: Same as falling leaf except a garland is in one direction multiple times.

Use of lift: Be able to use drag lift comfortably and unaided.
Level D - Entering the Fall Line

Falling leaf – toe and heel – into fall line: Be able to move the snowboard from a level side slip, both toe or heel, into the fall line (straight down the hill) while maintaining good posture and balance, then return back to controlled side slip using a controlled skid.

Garlands – toe and heel – into fall line: Same as falling leaf, just in same consecutive direction.
Level E - Developing turns
Basic turn: Be able to get you board from level side slip to straight and back out on opposite edge making a C-shaped turn, e.g. heel edge-straight-toe edge. You will learn to be able to do this starting on either edge.

Linked turns: Be able to link 2 basic turns together to make controlled S-shaped turns, e.g. hell edge-straight-toe edge-straight-heel edge.

Intermediate turns: Be able to do linked turns at higher speed without slowing down as much between turns.
Level F - Refining Turns
Advanced turns / Carving: High speed turns down the slope using more edge and less skid to make the turns.

Private lessons

Private lessons are a good form of learning for those that wish to progress quickly or just want a re-assessment of their ability. More than one person can take part in a private lesson we just ask that the participants are at the same skill level.

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