Function Rooms

You can book our function rooms as a part of your event.

Or alternatively just for you meeting.

All our function rooms can be arranged in multiple layouts upon the request to hold your event.

We have a lift access to the Restaurant and Hospitality suite VIP.


Restaurant is located on second floor of the building. Other side the view is for ski slope and from the other side over the ice rink. This space is next to the Hospitality suite.

Seated meal  for 100 people

Hospitality suite VIP

Hospitality suite has located above the rink. You can open the doors wide open to have a view over the ice rink.

Seated meal for 40

Ski Lodge

Ski Lodge gazes over two ski slopes. A warm and cosy room offers a perfect venue for smaller groups.

Seated meal for 25 people

Need a bar for your event?

We have a fully licensed Bar at the site or we can set up a bar for Restaurant or Hospitality suite VIP.

There is couple of different options how we can set up a bar for you:

  • Event organiser pays the bill of the any drinks consumed at the end of the evening
    – this can be limited or unlimited.
  • Event organiser can pre-order drinks such as wine and beer in advance.
  • Bar can be open for people to pay their drinks by themselves.
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